"I am dedicated to ELECTROLYSIS because it is painless, affordable and because it WORKS! I have tried every other hair removal product going, including expensive laser treatments. They all provided minimal and temporary results. I encourage anyone who is troubled by embarrassing unwanted hair to give electrolysis a try. It works and my results are true testimony and freedom."

"I have tweezed and waxed for years but electrolysis is less painful and best of all – no more ingrown hairs – and it is permanent hair removal! The redness after a session is so minimal, I often go shopping after a treatment."

"Dear Judy, many thanks for your wonderful work on my face. I have had other electrologists but – you excel!"

"Before electrolysis, I would tweeze my chin and neck for at least 15 minutes every morning and evening before leaving the house. Now I use my tweezers for splinters and can leave the house without feeling embarrassed. Electrolysis has given me confidence that I haven’t had since I was a teenager. And I feel feminine again!"

"I didn’t know what to expect with electrolysis, but Judy was great!  She was very informative, the price was extremely reasonable and she told me exactly what to expect. One year later, with visits decreasing along the way and carefully following Judy's instructions, I am virtually hair free and my skin has cleared up in that area too. My only wish, is that I would have found Judy Worcester earlier on in my life!"

"For the better part of my life, I suffered silently with unwanted facial hair. For years I researched all the different methods of hair removal but was never convinced that there was anything out there that would be permanent, unless I wanted to endure what I thought would be painful treatments. I saw an ad that Judy Worcester had placed for electrolysis and decided to go for a consultation.
Judy put me at ease and gave me a quick treatment which was less painful than tweezing. In fact, I have even fallen asleep during some of my treatments. The simple act of picking up the phone and making an appointment has changed my life and given me so much confidence. Judy is caring and understanding and very accommodating with appointments. Call now and get rid of that unwanted hair forever!"

"After several weeks of spraying blue dye on my chin because I had light colored hairs, and wearing a band-aid to cover up those hairs which had to be left growing, the laser treatments didn’t work. I did this process twice over a period of several weeks and the hairs remained. I was not charged for the process, however it was very inconvenient and embarrassing!  I was also never told how many times the process would have to be repeated, even if it had worked. Having gone to Biddeford Electrolysis, I now understand that this is a process which happens over a long period of time with spaced treatments. Electrolysis is relaxing and affordable and Judy is very knowledgeable in what she does."

"I happened to see Judy’s ad in the newspaper and it was the best phone call I have ever made! I no longer have to check for facial hairs everyday – It’s wonderful to feel so carefree! Judy is caring, discreet and very accommodating. I would highly recommend electrolysis with Judy...

She’s only a phone call away!"

(These testimonials remain anonymous to protect the privacy of clients)

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